Why am I not receiving the Blue Bulletin email newsletter?

It is possible that spam filters are catching the Blue Bulletin and keeping it from reaching your inbox. You should add our IP address and domain name to your ‘”white list”, or have your local administrator update your spam settings on your email system or spam scanning infrastructure. In some cases, you may need to contact your email service provider to make sure the Blue Bulletin is "white listed" and not being mistakenly identified as an unsolicited email.  The Blue Bulletin is sent from the IP address of and, with the from address always ending with 

How do I subscribe to the Blue Bulletin?

The process is quick and the Blue Bulletin is FREE.  Find the "Quick Subscribe" box on the right hand side of the Blue Bulletin homepage.  Fill in blanks.  You may subscriber to multiple state dispatches.

How do I unsubscribe from the Blue Bulletin?

Visit the Unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of the email newsletter or find the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Blue Bulletin homepage. You may still read the Blue Bulletin from the website if you prefer.   

Why does the Blue Bulletin charge for advertising?

The Blue Bulletin relies on advertising revenue from corporate sponosr advertising, recruitment advertising and equipment classifieds to help offset the cost of the news service subscriptions and staffing requirements.

Can a vendor support the Blue Bulletin?

Yes, limited opportunities are available for vendors to sponsor the Blue Bulletin. Please call 503.419.6423 or email for more information.

How do I place an announcement or event on the Blue Bulletin?

Contact the Blue Bulletin office to place your announcement by calling 503.419.6423 or email pertinent information to

Where does the Blue Bulletin get the articles it publishes?

Staff hand-selects articles from a national online news service that gathers news from over 5,000 sources. With the help of boolean strings and keywords, staff search daily, weekly and college newspapers, magazines and specialty publications, radio, television and cable outlets, trade press and Internet only publications to find the news that is most relevant to the law enforcement community.

Why does the Blue Bulletin publish some articles that do not put law enforcement in a good light?

Articles that are reported by the news media are selected based on interest and relevancy to the readership. Every attempt is made to be neutral in the selection of news articles. The Blue Bulletin staff will make every effort to publish retractions from news outlets that have erred in their reporting. If you have a question regarding an article, please contact the Blue Bulletin staff at 503.419.6423 or by emailing

Why do some of the news sites require me to register?

The Blue Bulletin staff has determined that in order to provide quality news, some of the sites that require a registration of the user should be used. This is the case when the news outlet is the primary news source in the local area or when the news article is of particular interest and cannot be accessed through an alternative media source. Most of the time, the news site will require a one-time registration, which will save a cookie on the user's computer for future visits.

I would like to follow a story in my area. Will the Blue Bulletin create a news thread on it?

The Blue Bulletin often follows a story over a period of time, publishing breaking news as it becomes available. If you have a particular story of interest to law enforcement in your area, please let us know. Email us at and provide a link to online material.  Staff will add news threads when they are determined to be of interest to the readership.

I found an error on the Blue Bulletin, how can I report it?

Please contact and describe the error. Staff will correct the error or publish a correction if necessary.

Help, I am having technical issues with the Blue Bulletin.

Support is available from the Blue Bulletin staff. Please email with your question.


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